“Look no further for a treat option for your pup. I’m always looking for healthy treats for my buddy Clark and store bought just wasn’t cutting it, there were some ingredients in there I have never heard of before. When I received these treats Clark knew they were for him and he couldn’t get enough! They even look like human food so he thinks he’s getting double the prize, and I can pronounce all the ingredients! I highly recommend treating your pups to these treats!”

– Amelia Parris

“I am so impressed by Sweet Pups Cookies! I love the fact that the ingredients are all natural for my pups and grand pups. . It truly makes a great way to gift the niece pups, nephew pups, cousin pups, friend pups and grand pups in my life. It is so personalized and convenient.”

– Rena Rhoads

“Roxie and Stella love the treats they’ve gotten from Sweet Pups! I love the value and the packaging. These will be the perfect gifts for the holiday season.”

– C. Smith

“Recently celebrated the new home for my dog Winston, not only were the packages great, they were detailed and authentic.”

– Rex

“Alicia creates her sweet pups treats with care and compassion for the pets in her lives. Alicia made several cookies for our dog, Sadie. Sadie eagerly ate all varieties! We also loved the unique packaging Alicia designed for her products, very cute and professional. She truly makes pet treats that look good enough for humans to eat.”

– Kathy Edlund

“I absolutely love Sweet Pupps from the creative decorative boxes to the tasty and cute dog treats, my dog River couldn’t get enough! I love that these Sweet Treats contain natural ingredients!”

– Jessica Ouzts

Blu loves all these amazing treats. Just the perfect peanut butter bite size are one of his favorites. These sweet pup treats are healthier and much better for him than the treats he was eating. Alicia does an excellent job making healthy product for our fur babies and tops it off with beautiful packaging to share with family and friends!

Glenn & Jenn Kruizenga

What’s not to love about these special treats! Made with wholesome and healthy ingredients, great packaging and made with lots of passion.

Deb Casey

Gracie loves all things treats, but shes particular about them. I tend to lean towards the healthiest stuff because she need to be healthy in order to live forever. I was given Sweet Pups Cookies to have Gracie try. Normally, she will sniff them, then hide them and never touch it. When I gave her a Sweet Pups Cookie, she devoured it so fast I couldnt even get a picture of her eating it. Needless to say she was so happy when I gave her another one. The packaging is on point. Will never not buy Sweet Pups as its only for the best. TREAT YO SELF. TREAT YO DOG.

-Vivan Lyon

Glenn & Jenn Kruizenga

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